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15Oct, 2019

Business Incubation: Does it work?

How many businesses start and fail to the point of closure? How much time and money is spent on such ventures and could be channeled to more worthy courses? Does the…

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14Jan, 2019

Benefits of Google Ads

Advertise with Google Adwords and Reap the Benefits. Here are some of the benefits: Increase brand awareness Google AdWords, in addition to boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, is also an efficient way…

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10Jan, 2019

Facts about domain renewal

Did you know if you lose your domain name you can easily lose your whole online identity? This is because you can only register a domain name for a year…

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11Dec, 2018

Google chrome marking sites as ‘Not Secure’

Did you know starting July 2018, Google chrome and other browsers shall be marking all websites without a secure connection as “Not Secure,” which could cost your website visitors and…

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06Aug, 2018

List of Domain extensions

Domain extensions are categorized into various categories depending on location, type of business and generic model.Domain extensions which are categorized based on location usually depend on the country location e.g. .ke…

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14Jun, 2018

What you didn’t know about dedicated servers

Dedicated servers A dedicated server is a server rented by an individual or a business for their exclusive use. When an individual or business rents a dedicated server from a hosting company,…

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12Feb, 2018

What are my options to access my email messages

You have two choices when choosing how to view your emails.   POP mail program like Outlook and Thunderbird: – POP/SMTP Server: – Username: – Password: Password that you entered while creating your mailbox…

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15Jan, 2018

Doing Payroll on spreadsheet versus Quick Payroll software

It’s common for businesses to use Excel for payroll, but spreadsheets are often riddled with errors. For people who know how to work with spreadsheets to their full potential, these…

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12Jan, 2018

Can I start a web hosting business?

Absolutely Yes! This is possible by first acquiring a domain name from the Domain Registrar. Next you need to purchase a reseller hosting package from a web hosting provider .…

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12Jan, 2018

How can I register .ke domain?

Registration is done in few easy steps. Click here to check the availability of the domain of your choice…

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