January 12, 2018

Can I start a web hosting business?

Absolutely Yes! This is possible by first acquiring a domain name from the Domain Registrar. Next you need to purchase a reseller hosting package from a web hosting provider . After your reseller account has been activated you will have access to cpanel where you will be able to host your clients and offer them hosting services.
January 10, 2018

How do I add a package in your Reseller WHM?

WHM is web host manager used to manage your clients and products as a reseller. A package is defined as a set of system limitations for a given account governing resources such as quota, bandwidth, maximum FTP accounts, maximum email accounts and other optional settings. A package specifies several different values for a cPanel account. NOTE: It is recommended to configure a hosting package prior to creating a new cPanel account in WHM to simplify further cPanel accounts management process. In order to create a package in whm you will need to do the following: Log in to WHM using a link.e.g. mydomain/whm/ or Navigate to Packages on the dashboard. Click on Add a Package. Set appropriate quotas in the Resources section. Select appropriate settings .Then click on the Add button. This is the end of the tutorial, you now […]