October 29, 2021

Restaurant Domain Name

For regular followers of this blog, you’ve probably gotten a good understanding of domain names and subdomains. I have discussed this in length in previous articles. I have also written on specifics such as salon domain names and retail store domain names. This article will highlight things you should consider when choosing a restaurant domain name. The length of your Restaurant Domain Name.  First, how long is your restaurant’s domain name? Is it more than three words long? If so, try to make it shorter. Short names are memorable. Also, they make your business appear more professional. Look at the difference between these two domain names: shoes.com versus buyusedshoesoverhere.com. Which one sounds more professional? The shorter one. This same concept can be applied when choosing the domain name of your local restaurant. Moreover, shorter domain names are easier to share. […]
October 21, 2021

What are Subdomains and why use them?

What are subdomains? Subdomains are extensions you can add to your primary domain name. For example, if you have a domain called mywebsite.com, a subdomain could be store.mywebsite.com. Why have subdomains? Subdomains are treated as separate from your main website by search engines. This means that you can gain similar benefits to creating a brand new website without actually creating one. So why would you want to do that? Content for your subdomains Most websites are optimized for particular content and have a single focus. However, suppose you want to post content that complements your website’s primary goal. In that case, getting a subdomain is very useful. For example, perhaps you have a website specializing in showcasing vintage cars. After receiving plenty of feedback from fans of your website, one day, you decide that it would be a good idea […]
November 6, 2020

Register a .co.ke Domain Name

WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME? A domain name (e.g a .co.ke domain name) is a website’s equivalent of a physical address. In the same way that a GPS needs a street address or a location name to provide directions. A  web browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer needs a domain name to direct you to a website. A domain name has two main elements. For example, the domain name softlinkoptions.co.ke consists of the website’s name (softlinkoptions) and the domain name extension (.co.ke). When a company  purchases a domain name, they are able to specify which server the domain name points. Domain name registrations are overseen by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). And in Kenya they are over they are over seen by a local registry KENIC (KE). ICANN or KENIC specify which domain name […]
January 12, 2018

How can I register .ke domain ?

Want to register a .ke domain? Registration is done in few easy steps. Click here to check the availability of the domain of your choice Unlocking the Digital Realm: A Quick Guide on how to Register  .ke Domain In the dynamic landscape of the internet, having a distinct online presence is paramount. Securing a country-specific domain, such as .ke, not only enhances your visibility but also establishes a local identity. Here’s a quick guide on how to register your .ke domain. Selecting Your Domain Name: The First Step to Digital Identity To begin your journey, choose a unique and memorable domain name that reflects your brand or personal identity. Ensure it aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience. Choosing a Reputable Domain Registrar: Your Trusted Partner Opt for a reliable domain registrar accredited by the Kenya Network Information […]