July 23, 2021

Advantages of Payroll Software over Excel

Are you struggling to choose between using payroll software or excel to keep track of employee compensation? They both have advantages over each other. However, in my opinion, payroll software is superior to excel. Software developers, like us, specifically design payroll software for this task. I will list below some of the main advantages of payroll software over Excel. The in-built functions are one of the advantages of payroll software over Excel. First, payroll software has already been built for this task and contains all the necessary formulas one requires. When using Excel, one must create a workbook and manually insert all the formulas required to calculate salaries. This database must be constantly updated and refreshed whenever employees are hired or fired. This is a time-consuming process. Less expertise is required. Creating and maintaining an excel database requires a high […]
January 15, 2018

Doing Payroll on spreadsheet versus Quick Payroll software

It’s common for businesses to use Excel for payroll, but spreadsheets are often riddled with errors. For people who know how to work with spreadsheets to their full potential, these programs can perform highly complex calculations. But many small businesses forget that it’s a complex application and don’t restrict it to those with expertise. As a result, many organizations use spreadsheets to help with payroll calculation and find it more difficult than they expected. With regulatory compliance such PAYE rates factored in, your business will be susceptible to financial penalties if you don’t move from Excel to proper accounting and payroll software, designed for the Kenyan market.   You may also hurt the company’s reputation among employees if you continue to use a spreadsheet. There are a few reasons this may happen. One being that there are constant changes to […]