November 18, 2017

Why should I keep my domain name registered?

If you lose your domain name you can easily lose your whole online identity. Because you can only register a domain name for a year or so, you will need to make sure that you renew it before the expiry date. Once your domain name expires, you will no longer own that domain name. Your Registrar will then own it and be able to sell your domain name to the highest bidder. To make sure you don’t lose your domain name you will need to make sure you renew your domain name at least two weeks before it expires. Also make sure that your information is registered properly, especially if you didn’t register your domain name yourself. Ensure that your information is displayed as the registrant, administrative and billing contacts; most importantly make sure that the email addresses for these […]
November 18, 2017

Why is a .com the most preferred domain extension?

Dot com domain extension has been in existence for so many years. It has been used in internet such as and websites mostly. When we think of a website, we think of a dot com. It’s no wonder then that the dot com is the most sought after and popular domain extension. But have you ever wondered if there really is any benefit to the dot com domain extension beyond its popularity? Does a dot com have any SEO significance? Should you consider some other domain name if your desired name is not available with the dot com extension? Read on to find the answers. When acquiring a domain name, you want to make sure that: It is relevant to your business It is easy to remember for your target customers It identifies you with your industry; it identifies […]
September 25, 2017

How to register a domain

The process on how to register a domain begins by searching the domain on the search box in the domain registration page. Then click on search button You will be redirected to where you are suppossed to choose your domain and add it to cart. Type your domain name then choose your preferred domain and add it to cart. On the same page you can also renew your domain and do the transfer from your previous registrar. There is also the option of exploring the hosting packages where you can add the hosting packages to the cart.       Why you should Register Your Domain Registering your domain is a pivotal step in establishing a unique digital identity. It goes beyond just securing a web address; it’s a strategic move that profoundly influences your online presence.  Brand Credibility and […]