Website design is not only a function of a web designer but also a competent content writer, and a programmer. We understand that your website is the door to your business and will be visited by many local and international visitors. Therefore, it must look beautiful, attractive and those searching for your services online must be able to find it.
What we consider when building your website

  1. The website serves the intended purpose. We engage our clients to discover their intended website dream/function
  2. Your website can be found by those searching for your products/services.
  3. Your website brand stands out from your competitors
  4. Your website design is appealing keeping your visitors always coming back for more
  5. Your website visitors easily navigate around and find what they are looking for.
  6. It can easily be updated so that content stays fresh.
What we avoid when building your website
  • Too many obsolete or unnecessary features that clutter your website outlook
  • Brand distortion: This occurs when corporate brand guidelines are not followed or when there is a mismatch in the feel of your website and your brand.
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