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1What is the most common type of web hosting?
Shared hosting is the most basic type of web hosting. It's cost-effective and the best choice for small or entry-level websites. As the name implies, websites using shared hosting will be sharing resources with other websites on a singular server.
2What is Bandwidth in web hosting?
Bandwidth is the capacity of data that can be transferred between the site, its users and the servers. It is the capacity of the connection between the website user and the server. Bandwidths are either expressed in MB/s (Megabytes per Second) or GB/s (Gigabytes per Second).
3What are the rules for Domain Names?
Domains can be formed using only use letters and numbers from the ASCII set of characters e.g. (a-z) (A-Z) (0-9). Hyphens are also allowed but must be surrounded by characters, therefore not at the beginning or end of the domain. You're not allowed to use special characters (like '#*%') and spaces cannot be used.



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