Most serious readers want to know more about the authors of the books they read. At times an author is well known and appears on Wikipedia, but when you are still growing in your career as an author, it is necessary to build your online presence by having a website and suitable hosting package. Select now your preferred web hosting package and tell your story to the world
An author needs a website for several reasons. I will highlight a few
For Professionalism

Having a website is not equivalent to having a fan page on social media. A website gives you full control of who you say you are regardless of what others say on social media.
It is wholesome
Your website will incorporate everything you wish to include about yourself. It does not limit you to 160 characters to say what you want to say. Instead, it gives you an enormous space to write a blog.
It protects your message
Having a website allows you to say it as it is. If your book sells at $11 there is no confusion about it on the website. This is unlike social media where many may discuss how much it is retailing at different stores. Users of social media may also share their opinions about your book, but this is not a true reflection of the author’s notes. So, get yourself an author’s website and progressive hosting packages. As you increase your web content so shall we advise on the best package for you.
It is always there
This is your 24hrs a day of fame. You get to control your online marketing and can improve your Google ranking every so often. When you register your domain and secure your web hosting plan you are assured that this is the place where your audience will find all the relevant content about you.
It is cheaper than you think
There you go. I just said it. Websites are not costly compared to having a physical shop. Once you design your website you may not need to make changes for several months. However, every year you will need to renew your web hosting plan. You can now select a suitable package below.
It helps you sell
Always remember that your annual web hosting package is a planned cost while the money you make from your website can vary greatly. Your website becomes your online store for awareness creation and where people can buy your publication or simply place orders to make their purchase.
Since books and other publications are read all over the world, it is necessary for any writer to have an online presence and tell the world what their publications are about and even go further to enable readers to buy online. We provide authors with unique web hosting packages that include favorable features to bring out the best in their art. We encourage upcoming writers to step out and talk to the world.
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