A trade mark for your domain name?

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20Jul, 2020

A trade mark for your domain name?

When it comes to protecting your brand, a registered trade mark is a powerful option. Whether you need to register your trade mark and licence your domain name will depend on your circumstances.

A trade mark is used to differentiate your business from your competitors. The owner of a registered trade mark has the exclusive right to use the trade mark in relation to the goods and / or services for which the trade mark was registered.

This does not include use as a domain name. Licensing of domain names is carried out by companies on behalf of  KENIC on a first in, first served basis. Having a trade mark application or registration does not automatically entitle you to the domain name licence.

If someone has licensed a domain name the same as or similar to your trade mark, you need to lodge a complaint with KENIC This only applies to the .ke country code – it doesn’t extend to other countries, nor generic top-level domains such as .com or .org regulated by other bodies.

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