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06Aug, 2018

List of Domain extensions

Domain extensions are categorized into various categories depending on location, type of business and generic model.Domain extensions which are categorized based on location usually depend on the country location e.g. .ke is a domain which targets the Kenyan market while .ug is a domain used by Uganda citizens &businesses targeting Uganda.

List of DomainExtensions:

.ke, .com, .cc, .us, .army, .org, .music,,, .edu, .church, .mobi, .me, info,, .biz, .net, .news, .wine, .club, .apartments, .app, .army, .associates

The .ke domain is divided into various domain levels. The domain levels can be used for different functions. They include: – for Personal Names –  for Non-Governmental Organisations – for Companies – for Network Devices – for Institutions of Higher Education (Requires supporting documents) – for Secondary and Primary schools (Requires supporting documents) – for Goverment entities (Requires supporting documents) – for Information – for Mobile content

Some .ke Domain levels requires Supporting Documents inorder to be registered

This domain requires supporting documents from the Department of Government IT Services (GITS) at the Ministry of Finance. GITS should give an Authority Letter to show that the Entity is a valid Government institution or Agency and authorized to register the domain name.

Softlink Options will require a copy of the Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Education. The document MUST also bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Kindergaten, Primary or Secondary School.

All domains that require supporting documents will generate a ticket that will only be closed by the KENIC Registry Services once the Supporting Documents have been received. Only when the Ticket is closed will the domain be published.

Softlink Options will require either a copy of the Certificate of Registration from the relevant Ministry, a copy of the College Charter or a copy of the Act of Parliament that was passed to establish the Institute. The documents MUST bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Tertiary Institution: Polytechnic, Technical Institute, College or University.

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