If you’re interested in making some extra cash and don’t have the time or the energy to create your own website with your own products, you might consider becoming a hosting reseller.

Many web hosting companies will members the ability to become a hosting reseller by selling to them the hosting packages at a wholesale price.Below are the steps on how to be a reseller:

Choose a web hosting company

There are many web hosting companies globally so ensure you make the perfect choice.Choose a company that has the best hosting packages, experienced and reliable services.This is for the sake of your clients who will receive excellent services therefore they will continue hosting their websites through your hosting services.

Choose the best reseller package

Visit the website of the company you have chosen. Browse to the reseller hosting packages‘ page and choose your reseller package that suits your needs and plans.Make sure you read through all of the contract details, privacy policy and terms and conditions before you purchase the package. Make sure that you will receive a large amount of profit for each sale. Many hosting companies will give you 100% of the sales and this is what you should look for.

Purchase the reseller package and fill out all required information

This is like signing a contract with the web hosting company

Create a website inorder to sell hosting services to customers

A website gives you an online presence.Through a website your clients can easily find you.

Optimize your website so that you out from a crowd of hosting companies’ websites

It entails having keywords for websites,social networking and adding SEO tool.Increasing number of website clicks influences increase in the number of customers.