Second Level Domain is a sub-domain immediately following .KE. Examples are as follows:-

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The registration process for second level domain will be rolled out in the below phases: –

  • Phase 1: Sunrise period shall be Ninety (90) days from the date of launch. It Starts from 23rd July 2017 12:01 am E.A.T  until 31st December 2017 11.59 pm E.A.T
  • Phase 2: Grandfathering period shall start 23rd October 2017 run until 31st December 2017 11.59pm
  • Phase 3: Land rush period shall be Thirty (30) days from the 22nd of November 2017
  • Phase 4: Cooling-Off period shall be Thirty (30) days. It starts on 23rd November to 22nd December 2017
  • Phase 5: General availability period shall officially start on the 16th of January 2018

All companies/ businesses/ institutions/ organizations and individuals are advised to take note of this and make the necessary arrangements through their registrars to secure their second level domains.

The approved recommended retail price (RRP) is listed as below in the Second Level Domain registration phases: –

1. Sunrise KES 10,000

2. Grandfathering KES 10,000

3. Land-rush KES 9,000

4. General Availability KES 8,000


Why .KE domains?

.ke domains are short and are memorable.

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