About Domains

Domain name creates your identity on the website. It identifies your brand and products online. That’s why choosing a good domain name is very important for your business. You should consider a domain name which is short, catchy and memorable.e.g.clemsyfurniture.com. Keeping your domain name registered protects you from easily losing your whole online identity.Once your domain name expires, you will no longer own that domain name. Your Registrar will then own it and be able to sell your domain name to the highest bidder.

Why Would I Want One?

Professional email address: Having a domain name will enhance the process of acquiring a professional email address such as sales@abccompany.co.ke. Most business owners  respect professional email address as compared to free email address such ndung’u98@yahoo.com.

Trustworthy: Let’s say you are in need of an electrician to make repairs in your office or house then you ask them to send their quotations. You finally get quotations from aliceh45@gmail.com and finance@fyelectricals.co.ke.  Which one will you trust? Of course the second one,because it is more genuine and professional as compared to gmail account. A domain name registered email address build the trust of your potential customers when communicating.

Domain name builds your brand. This is achieved when you send emails to various organizations using your domain name registered email address.

A domain name is unique and builds your online presence. To host a website one is required to have a domain name which is short, memorable and unique. These characteristics enable people to easily find you on Google search engine.