Data Backup

Why data backup is important.

Simple Recovery

  • People are not infallible. They make mistakes, and actually, they make them quite often. Emails containing viruses are accidentally opened every day and important files are often mistakenly deleted.

Audits, Taxes, and Archives

  • Many, if not most, businesses are required to keep business records for an extended period either for tax purposes or because of various regulations— you might just need to look at what was going on a few years ago. 

Competitive Advantage

  • In the untimely event of a disaster, the first business to get back up and running is in a unique situation to gather up all the business of those that aren’t back on their feet.

Deadly Downtime

  • A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen. A large percentage of these companies end up closing their doors for good within two years of a major data loss, and even large data loss scenarios aren’t always the result of a disaster.

Doing Work Twice

  • The first rule of doing work is “do it right the first time.” If you suffer a minor failure and don’t have backups, you may be able to recover certain things, but you never know what those “certain things” will be.


Basic Features

  1. Automatic & unattended
  2. Continuous, minute by Minute
  3. Online storage
  4. Incremental and differential
  5. Multiple backup sets
  6. Select Individual files
  7. Backup Scheduling
  8. No file size Limits

Restore Features

• Guaranteed restore
• File versions retained
• Restore from the Cloud
• Restore from mobile device
• Self Service Restore
• Restore Individual files

Security Features

• File Encryption
• File encryption before transmission
• File encryption during transmission
• Archive tampering detection
• Account Password
• Private Password for Restore




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